This issue of the Redbud Post is one of the most painful ones we’ve run. Each woman shares the trauma of living in a society that has run amuck sexually. We tell their stories that others may find help and hope. And we also tell their stories in hopes that it will foment change in the future, in both society and individuals.

If you have had a similar experience, we at the Redbud Post pray that you will find comfort, encouragement, and freedom as you move past your bad experiences onto a new and victorious future.

JoHannah Reardon – Editor

JoHannah Reardon
JoHannah Reardon managed Christianity Today’s Bible study site for eight years. Besides writing numerous novels, two family devotional guides, and an adult meditation, she has written content for the Couples’ Devotional Bible and the Everyday Matters Bible. For fun, she likes to read and write (and take long walks)! She also loves teasing her husband, annoying her children, and playing with her grandkids. She is married to Brad, who was a pastor for 27 years. He now trains pastors in developing countries and is her hero!

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