Dear Readers,
Happy New Year! I’m both happy and sad to see 2021 in my rearview mirror. There were several milestones my family crossed during the last year. Early in the year I took over this editor-in-chief job from my dear friend JoHannah, who lost her battle with cancer on February 4th. It was quite a shocking loss as her decline happened so suddenly. I think about her every time I enter these pages.

In early March I celebrated 30 years of marriage to my husband, David. I still don’t think it’s possible that I could have been doing anything for 30 years! The time sure does fly.

June started a whirlwind of change for my youngest child. She graduated from high school, got her drivers license and her first car, and started college! Whew! She’s also, I’m proud to say, a budding writer already working on a series of YA fantasy novels that she’s pouring her soul into. She participated in the annual NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this past November and completed the required 50,000 words with time to spare. It’s always nice to see your kids doing what they love.

Just before Thanksgiving, my father-in-law passed away very suddenly after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just a week previous. My husband and his sister were able to make the drive from Florida to North Carolina to be with him the day after he told us of his diagnosis. They spent a good week with him, not only finding out the nitty gritty of financials and internet passwords, but just being with him.

Life is fleeting, but God is good. I’m humbled to be able to connect with you through the Redbud Post each month.

Now, in a departure from the way things have usually been done here at the Redbud Post, I wanted to give you one more time several articles that have been popular with our readers in 2021. It will be a short issue as in December we ran the most commented on articles of 2021. These last 6 are the most commented on in their particular month—or in the case of May, where there was a tie, we have the 3 most popular. The other 6 from the year are included in the December Post. If you haven’t had a chance to read them yet, just keep loading more at the bottom to read the previous issue.

We at the Redbud Writers Guild appreciate you so much. Won’t you help us spread the word? Tell you friends about The Post, support our writers by buying their books for yourself and loved ones, and make sure you leave comments on the articles that you read. Your feedback and interaction is very important to us. We look forward to bringing you thoughtful words in the coming year as we tackle issues like deconstruction, the friendship of women, and transition. We hope you’ll join us right here every month.

Many blessings on your new year,

Stephanie Reeves
Editor in Chief

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