Redbud Membership Application

The Redbud Writers Guild is home to a diverse community of Christian women writers. We are poets, novelists, journalists, bloggers, and authors. Some of us have multiple books and/or hundreds of published articles to our credit, while others of us are still growing our writing skills and career. All of us love Jesus and want to use our words – our voices – to make a difference in the world. Writing can be a lonely and sometimes intimidating pursuit, which is why we believe so strongly in community. We provide each other with support, encouragement, networking opportunities, prayer, and a spirit of non-competition in which all members, no matter their stage in the writing journey, are valued.

Membership is currently closed. Applications will be accepted again July 2020. Please check back then. 

In the meantime, please follow Redbud on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to sign up for our monthly magazine, The Redbud Post.

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