I was 33 years old when I breathed in for the first time.

I remember it well. I had just received an email from the Redbud Writers Guild stating that my membership application had been accepted. Suddenly, a new world opened to me; a world of sisterhood.

It is a world where dreams come true:
A world where hustle brings harvest.
A world where it’s ok to yearn, to dream, to aspire.
A world where calling meets reality.
A world where sisters encourage each other, work together, and win together.
I had never known such a world before. Before that day, my life felt like a place of lonely waiting. My dreams occupied a shadowland in the dearth of opportunity, and I felt like I couldn’t share them with anyone.
For many years, I have dreamed of writing, speaking, and ministering God’s Word to people. I had done everything I could to pursue my dream on my own. I went to seminary, studying to show myself approved. After I graduated, I took my professor’s advice and started a blog.
My blog was small, but at least it was a start. I was writing and reaching people. At first I reached only one or two people; then a few more; then more and more. One step led to another. The pieces came together one day at a time.
Even small measures of success came ever-so-slowly, but I kept at it. Alone. I was just happy that I was making any progress at all, and I was thankful for every step along the road.
However, something didn’t feel quite right. Even though I was pursuing my dream, something was missing and I didn’t know what.
But one day, everything changed. When I received the email welcoming me to the Redbud sisterhood, I breathed in for the first time. I really did feel fully alive for the first time in my life. Suddenly I was pursuing my dream, but I had company along the way. I wasn’t alone anymore. I became part of a world where longing for more was normal. In one email, God gave me an entire family of kindred-spirit sisters. And in that moment, I could begin to do what I love alongside other women who share similar goals, hopes, and vision for their own lives.
And in that moment, I discovered what I had been missing all that time: I had been missing community.
I had been struggling through everything alone, without anyone to talk to or dream with. I hadn’t ever met people with whom I could share my aspirations without fear of being mocked.
Then suddenly I did. I’m beyond grateful to be a part of this sisterhood. Being able to create in community has made all the difference to me. And I firmly believe that God blessed me suddenly that day because dreams are better when they’re shared.
So what I would like to ask you is simply this: What’s your dream? And are you trying to pursue your destiny all alone too? Your dream doesn’t have to be like my dream. Maybe your dream is to write, sing, or adopt a child. Maybe you want to climb the corporate ladder or rescue women from modern-day slavery.
Whatever your specific dream is doesn’t matter all that much. The important thing is: Are you pursuing your dream alone? And if so, do you feel like no one understands you? Are you afraid to share your passion with others, concerned that they might make fun of you? I get it. I was there. But you know what? Dreams really are better when they’re shared.
What’s the takeaway for you today? Simply this:
No matter who you are or what goal you are chasing, would you consider finding a community of people who share your dream? You weren’t meant to do what you do all alone. Somewhere out there, someone shares your aspirations. Somewhere in this big, wide world (which gets smaller all the time), there are people who will believe in your future with you. And if you’ve been working hard, but you still feel like you’re waiting to take your first breath, maybe this is the thing that is missing:
• Maybe you’re missing friends who will celebrate your wins.
• Maybe you’re missing a family of dreamers who will pursue “more” alongside you.
• Maybe sharing your life with a community of visionaries is just the polish that will put the luster back on your dream.
Because dreams really are better when they’re shared.

What’s your dream? What can you do today to find a community of people with whom you can share your future? Please leave a comment below!

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