Here at Redbuds, we like to say we “create in community and foster a safe sisterhood of creatives.” If you’re a creative, especially a writer, you understand the value of having community. You know the vitality of a safe sisterhood. So do our Redbuds.

What Topics Are Redbuds Passionate About?

Women, leadership, grief, social justice, spiritual formation and growth, encouragement, missions, travel, trauma, anti-racism, empathy, art and the creative process, contemplation and prayer, seeing beauty, singleness, stillness, cross-cultural engagement, strengthening relationships, building community, and transformation.

What passions pull you to the page? There’s a community for you in the Redbud Writers Guild!


Nonfiction is a broad genre, and nearly 90% of our Redbuds find community writing in the nonfiction space, primarily in the context of faith, Christian living, and spiritual formation. If you’re an avid reader of Christian books and publications, it’s likely you’ve read the work of a Redbud! Within the Redbud community, nonfiction includes:

  • Nonfiction books
  • Articles for blogs, digital magazines, and print
  • Substack
  • Creative nonfiction and essays
  • Literary journal submissions and contests
  • Memoir
  • Nature writing
  • Copy or content writing
  • Curriculum
  • Interviews
  • Book reviews

Devotional, Bible Study, Theology

More than 15% of our Redbuds are spiritual directors, worship leaders, chaplains, or pastors, so it’s no surprise that a quarter of our Redbuds write devotionals, Bible studies, sermons, and/or commentaries. Whether their words are spoken or written – or both – these Redbuds share with the intent of moving people closer to Jesus.


One in every six of our Redbuds write poetry, and although many will admit they write poetry for their own benefit, several of our Redbuds share their poetry to benefit others. You can read these poems on blogs, as digital submissions, in print, and in compilations or chapbooks. Occasionally, a Redbud posts her poetic reflections on her social media as a simple offering for her followers. Our Redbud poets invite others into the beauty, wonder, mystery, simplicity, ordinary, and complexity of their unique human experience.

Fiction and Fantasy

Maya Angelou once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Our fiction writing Redbuds, 15% of our Guild, would agree. While a few of our Redbuds in the fiction genre would prefer to pen only fiction or fantasy, most of these writers are also nonfiction writers.

Children’s Literature, Middle Readers, Young Adults

Fewer than 10% of Redbuds write for young readers, but we anticipate growth in this category. Last year alone, combined book sales for young adult fiction and children’s books increased by 40%!

Redbuds write from a variety of capacities, with some drafting their first book proposal and others preparing for their fourth book release. Some of our writers publish the majority of their work to blogs, while others write for journals. Some reveal the depths of themselves in memoirs and essays. Others share their reflections in book reviews. Whether nonfiction or fiction, devotionals or Bible studies, poetry or books for younger generations, we celebrate every writing endeavor of our Guild members. Together, we observe, we experience, and we write what’s on our hearts, hoping our voice is light for someone who hasn’t yet found the words.

Redbuds say they receive community, connection, encouragement, prayer, feedback, shared expertise, camaraderie, opportunity, insight, collaboration, comfort, and inspiration as a member of the Redbud Writer’s Guild.

What do you need as a writer? We’re here to support you!

Benefits of Being a Redbud:

  • participation in Facebook group with other Redbud writers
  • roundtable discussions by theme and learning opportunities
  • webinars to learn more about your craft
  • publication in The Post, our online magazine
  • a bi-annual retreat with workshops, one-on-ones with industry professionals, and more
  • a group of fellow communicators who will support book, podcast, and product launches
  • a circle of friends who will pray and cheer you on in your calling and work

Diversity And Racial Justice Statement

Redbud Writers Guild values the voices of all Christian women. We, therefore, acknowledge and lament the existence of systemic racism in our world, in our country, and in many of our churches. Our goals include making space for Women of Color to thrive, using our voices and our influence to speak out against racism, and reckoning with any of the ways that white guild members may have knowingly or unknowingly contributed to this evil.

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