Dear Reader,

As we’re winding down 2023 (can you believe it?) many people like to look back on the last year and list things that brought them joy and things they need to work on. So I thought I’d do a bit of that with you as we cover the topic of “joy” in this month’s Redbud Post, our last issue of the year.

So here’s my list of things that brought joy in my life this past year:

  • My grandson, Zayne. Oh, man is he a wonder. He just started kindergarten this fall and he’s already befriended a boy who was being mean to him, bringing an extra snack when he saw that the boy didn’t have a snack, encouraging the other kids to be his friend. 
  • My job at my church. In May I started as the director of women’s ministries, right before our pastor suddenly resigned. Needless to say, it’s been a challenging season. But I find joy in the way our staff team has worked together and really formed a great bond. 
  • My relationship with my husband and 3 adult children. Four of the 5 of us still live together, but we all get together often. Recently just the 5 of us took a 4-day trip together to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday. Turns out, we really like each other!
  • Reading and learning new things about God. Even after more than 40 years of walking with Jesus, I am amazed at what I don’t know. Verses that are familiar take on new meaning. Ways in which God’s mercies are evident to me are new every morning.

How does God bring joy into your life? What even is your definition of joy? As we approach the holiday season, the word “joy” will be more prominent as we celebrate Jesus, who brought joy to the world. As you read this issue and contemplate the writers’ words, consider your own definition of “joy.” 

God bless you as you read.

Stephanie Reeves

Editor in Chief

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