I believe in prayer

I say often that “the work of God is done on our knees—then we go
find out what happened.” 

Yet to me prayer remains such a mystery.
How in the world could the most high God who created it all invite me to talk with him, to
make requests, to ask for His favor and His action on my behalf? 

How, indeed! And yet he does. 

He says: Come. Ask. Confess. Inquire. Thank. Trust. Cry. 

He says: All the time. Without ceasing. Without worry. Without
fear. Without giving up. With thanksgiving. With faith. 

He says: “I will listen.” “I will hear.” “I will answer.” “Wait.” “I
have a better idea.” 

He adds: “Ask for more—I have more to give.” “Ask for the
impossible-nothing is too difficult for me.” “Ask for your heart’s
desire-I am already answering.” 

He reminds: Ask in My will. Check your motives. Be bold. Trust

Mystery, for sure. 

I choose to walk with Him, and talk with Him. To thank Him and
bless Him. But also I cry out to Him and beg to know “why?” I
believe and I doubt. I ask with bold courage and trembling fear.
Yet God says I can move his hand. I can affect those I love and
the world beyond. I can see miracles. 

“You have not because you ask not. Ask. I love when you come to
talk with me, to share your hurts and confusion and fears and
hopes and needs and desires. To open your heart to me. When you
love and obey and trust.” 

God hears my prayers and he answers. 

How can this be? Yet it is.

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