I love sunrises, sunsets. The grandeur of mountains, the movement of the ocean, the starkness of the desert—all engage my senses.

But nothing captures my heart like the beauty of God revealed in his created image bearers.

I see God in my husband, my children, and now, especially, my grandchildren.  Friends, neighbors, and co-workers reflect his loveliness. And surely his artistry shines in the broken, the abandoned, the sick, the homeless, the refugee. I could joyfully do a photo study on any of those.

I have a passion for his image in his daughters. I so appreciate those women who have given their lives to serve the God who created them. So now, I celebrate true Kingdom Women—taking the love and mercy and redemption of our Lord to the world.

Come on a global journey to meet these beautiful bearers of the image of their Creator. Women throughout the world taking the love and forgiveness of Christ to the world:

Annie takes the gospel to women in Indonesia, continuing to serve even after several years in prison and the murder of her husband for talking about Christ.

Carroll boldly and creatively takes Jesus to students in Jamaica and Central America.

Gema leads Bible studies for women in her native Spain and partners with her husband to lead ministry throughout western Europe.

Holida has left her home in Central Asia to reach out to international students in the U.S.

Alex, a businesswoman in Indonesia, helps support ministry throughout her nation and encourage community leaders in SE Asia to do the same in their countries.

Joyce and Elizabeth are part of a ministry leadership team in Uganda.

Noemi, from the Philippines, has taken the love of Christ to people in dangerous places.

These young image bearers in India are daughters of prisoners, living safely at a local ministry, Prison Fellowship. We will see what God has in store for them.

Eunsook is a brave Korean mom who went with her husband to serve God in Singapore and the U.S. She now happily prays for and talks with women in Korea.

Toni came to Christ later in life but was born on fire. She sells real estate in Florida and talks about Jesus to everyone.

Ying Khen has served God in her home country of Singapore, in Hong Kong, Korea, and China, as a writer and a communications teacher at a school of theology.

Romila leads worship, speaks, and teaches with her ministry in India.

Aulikki, with her husband, has represented her Lord in her native Finland, throughout Russia, Germany, and Western Europe.

And finally, a group of West African women, in their beautiful dresses and babies in arms or on backs, are Kingdom Women indeed.

God made his daughters as ezers, helpers and allies with their brothers, to take the image and message of God’s love to the world. Will you join them?

*Photos by Traci Anderson, Michelle Dodds, and Judy Douglass

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