Dear Reader,

I love stories. I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I devoured books late into the night–or rather the early hours of the morning–especially during summer months when I didn’t have to be up early for school the next day.

My imagination would often run away with me as I pictured myself in the stories, traveling to interesting and exotic places with the characters, becoming one of them, often continuing the stories in my head long after the last page was turned and the cover closed.

My daughter, however, has me beat by a mile in the realm of imagination. At just 19 years old, she’s already written book 1 of a 5-book young adult fantasy series, making up a whole world of magic and adventure that is sure to please readers as much as the world of Harry Potter–at least this proud mother would like to think so.

By telling spiritual truths through the avenue of parables, Jesus gives a nod to using imagination to connect with people on a deep level. And that’s what we’re looking at this month in the Post. How do curiosity and imagination point us to God? Each writer addresses the topic from a unique perspective, telling her story about how God encourages the use of imagination in areas like marriage and faith, and how curiosity helps lead us to God.

As you read each piece, consider how you can develop your sense of curiosity and your imagination. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like, “What if there was a magical world where lions talk and children can travel through a wardrobe?” or, “I wonder what the kingdom of heaven is like.”

Be sure to leave a comment for the writer and let her know what you think.

Happy reading,

Stephanie Reeves
Editor in Chief

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