I always realized
only in part
as though through a glass
But still I assumed
I could grasp
I could know
I assumed.

But now
not disillusioned
but in awe
on my knees
on my face

Who are you?
Can you be known?
You sent prophets
sent a Son
But still, assumptions
filters, worldview, beliefs
they block the truth with certainty
the light with blinding glare.

What more can be said?
What more can be known?
You hold our lives in your hands
demanding everything, yet nothing
while we play blindly with ignorance and certainty.

Even these words,
false, misleading,

Only in quietness,
in stillness,

Open this space in my heart
I will meet you there.


Catherine McNiel

Catherine McNiel is a seeker who writes to open eyes to the creative and redemptive work of God in each moment. She is the author of “Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline” (NavPress 2017), and her writing has appeared in numerous books and articles. Catherine serves alongside her husband in a community-based ministry, while caring for three kids, two jobs, and one enormous garden. Connect with Catherine at catherinemcniel.com or on Twitter @catherinemcniel
Catherine McNiel

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