For the people building of Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton, Illinois, who wrote their names and verses of hope on the concrete floor of the old Alcoa building before it was converted into a glorious worship space.

Faceless Saints
In black steel and cold concrete
God’s people begin
with words.
Marked by His majesty,
with a marker.
Connected to cutters of stone,
scribes chiseling in cold concrete
who wrought His cathedral,
nameless to us.
Today we join hands with them
Faceless saints encircled in autumn shadow
Following a light and a cross
Toward home.

Margaret Philbrick

Margaret Philbrick is an author, gardener and teacher who desires to plant seeds in hearts. Margaret has a B.A. in English Literature from Trinity University in San Antonio Tx.and a Masters in Teaching from National Louis University. She teaches writing and literature to children and teens at The Greenhouse School and H.S.U., both of which provide supplemental classical education to the home-school community. She is actively involved in the fulfillment of God’s vision at Church of the Resurrection and the Redbud Writers Guild where she serves on the board of both organizations. Her first book, Back to the Manger, is a holiday gift book she created with her mother, an oil painter. Her debut novel, A Minor, released to critical acclaim in 2014. You can find Margaret in her garden digging in the dirt or writing poetry and you can connect with her on-line via her website at:
Margaret Philbrick

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