Hunger Always Wins: Feed Me

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had issues with food.

I used food as a means of controlling something when I wasn’t in control of anything. By taking authority over what I put in my mouth (or didn’t) I disassociated myself from that which I could not control – my mother’s illness, ...
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Enjoying Growing Older

I was raised in the 1960s during a time of great civil unrest. We were taught to not trust anyone over 30.

That works great when you are 19, 20, 21 … but when you approach 31, 40, 50 …. You need a new belief system!

Growing older is a party to be enjoyed. Here’s why:

  1. You ...
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Battling with My Brain

My brain and I have a special relationship. Of course we’ve been together a long time so we have grown close. We know each other well.

My brain and I are in a constant state of arguing. We fight over every decision that needs making. Trying to decide what to have for dinner can end in an ...
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Giving Up the Normal Life

Jennifer Garner is my new hero. On the Ellen show, she faced rumors concerning her “baby bump” with confidence, poise, and style. Smiling triumphantly, she said,

I do [have a bump]… I am not pregnant. I have had three kids and there is a bump. From now on ladies ...
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Silence Without a Desert

Silence does not get much respect these days. We fill every moment with something and then we crave more hours in a day so we can fill those up too. The quiet moments that so many of us long for (in the car or working out if there’s time) are often made more productive or enjoyable with podcasts, ...
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Selfish Motivation

Robert Greenleaf, in his book, Servant Leadership, tells of twelve ministers and twelve psychiatrists of all faiths who convened for a two-day off-the-record seminar on the word, healing. They asked these questions, “We are all healers, whether we are ministers or doctors. Why are we ...
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It All Started With Bagels

In our home, my husband, Gabe, has always been the head chef. This was a big problem for me when we were first married. My cooking skills were limited, at best. Gabe, having grown up in restaurants, waiting tables from the age of eight, working as a short-order cook and sous chef in a variety of environments, ...
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