My Neighbor’s Crisis

(Adapted from a true story…)

Yesterday, my neighbors had a baby. A baby girl. I’ve never seen a more beautiful child.

That may not sound so amazing, but this family has been through… well… way too much. They had more than their share of problems. (I’m in awe of the dad, ...
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A Child’s Loss (Part 1)

My name is Kaole. I live in a small village in southern Africa.

I am the youngest girl in my family. I don’t remember my older brothers. They died before I was born. But my sister was around for a while. She was about 14 when she married and moved away.

Death has always been a part ...
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Don't waste your words. Write

Reluctant Writer Nevermore

The moment is seared into my brain, not unlike a branding iron on a young calf. It was November 2010.

Although, actually, it had started the year before at a conference for youth workers…

Don’t waste your words,” the speaker had uttered in that dramatic-almost-whisper ...
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