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Michelle Stiffler
Michelle Stiffler began adulthood as a teen mom who experienced extraordinary grace in the church, forever shaping her understanding of faith, choice, hope, and God’s goodness. She believes compassion can spark transformation and she’s passionate about helping others experience both. As a grant writer, content creator, and Trauma Specialist for a Phoenix nonprofit, she mentors women in crisis and abuse, trains her team in resilience practices, and collaborates with agencies as a victim’s advocate. Simple things keep her balanced – the sunrise, baking bread, all things fitness, her side hustle as a barre instructor, bike rides to coffee shops with her husband, and time spent with her four kids who range from teen to married adult. She writes about faith, struggle, and courage at, and her work has been featured with Fathom, (in)courage, Ruminate Magazine, Mudroom, Just Between Us Magazine, Joy of It, Prograce, The Better Mom, and others. Find her at her blog or on Instagram @onemoretruth.

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