reflecting on the woman with the issue of blood from Matthew 9

You do not need to think
your way to faith
fierce enough to frighten
fragility into a footnote.

You do not need to lace
your lips with lustrous prayers
or pound your chest in penance
for the puzzle of your pain.

You do not need to be
holy or hopeful or pleasant,
stumbling severed from your story
and the truth your body bears.

You only need to let
your hidden hurt
come with you
and reach your fingers
toward the love who stands
with scars still on his hands.

Your body brings
your story
you go

and faith says,
come with me;
I won’t leave you

Come whole,
weary, weak,
to the crowds and corners
where you’ve long been pushed aside.
Come with the courage
of the crucified.

His body brings
his story
we go

and faith says,
he comes with me;
he won’t leave me

Your body brings
your story
where Christ
makes you
his home.


Image courtesy of KJ Ramsey

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