Soft sand slid under his feet; the air was pure and clean, redolent with the life it carried as he breathed it deep into his lungs, his body regaining its strength as he felt the lifeblood coursing again through his veins.

Three days he’d spent in the grave, bound and lifeless as his spirit travelled far into the depths of hell on its vital journey. His mission? To reclaim the keys of death and hell, vital keys upon whose ownership the whole of creation depended. Winning them back would release mankind from the chains of their certain destruction. Thereafter, should they choose, they could walk in victory, in the new life he’d won for them through the act of his death and the miracle of his resurrection.

As he walked through the blackness in that desperate mission, he was reminded of his own words, his desperate pleas … if it be possible…

But it was not possible. This was the route he’d chosen to walk even before the beginning of time. Resident within him was mankind’s destiny.

As he walked through the emptiness of Sheol, the excitement, the glory of doing his Father’s will sustained him. He knew he was walking in victory; it was a victory already won by laying down his own life. His thoughts dwelled on the love and grace of his Father’s heart toward those he came to save. His deep anguish and most heartfelt despair, surrendered in obedience, had become the mightiest triumph and the most powerful salvation.

Ahead, gleaming in the gloom, he saw the keys, lost aeons ago.

No, not lost; blindly given away to the cheat, the liar. They were now in his sight, almost in his grip.

Incredibly, they were now no longer under guard. The captor of the keys and human lives, in his stupid vanity, now so sure of his victory, no longer felt the need to post a guard. He had destroyed the Lord of Glory; the Father’s final trump card was dead and in the grave.

And suddenly, in a blaze of light, the accuser turns to see.

He is not dead … The Saviour is alive!

The screams of anguish from the enemy of men’s souls go howling down the centuries as Christ, eyes blazing with fire and face shining like the sun in all its brilliance, strode out of death and into Life everlasting! And with him, falling into line, come a mighty army of believers following in his steps.

The keys of death and hell are his forever. The ancient enemy is defeated.

Crown him Lord of all!

Bev Murrill
A senior church pastor for over 30 years, and an executive director of Christian Growth International, a church planting network in the UK, Bev is the author of two books - Speak Life and Shut the Hell Up, and Catalysts:You Can Be God's Agent For Change. She is the founder of Liberti Magazine, a UK based magazine for women who have faith with attitude, and has also written for SheLovesMagazine and Gifted for Leadership. An international speaker with a Masters degree in Global Leadership from Fuller, she regularly speaks at churches and conferences. She is particularly passionate about issues to do with leaders and women, and blogs at She founded Cherish Uganda, a village for HIV+ children who have been abandoned. Bev now lives in her native Australia having retired from pastoring in order to concentrate on speaking and writing.


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  1. Looking forward to the cross, who would have thought?! Never read of a disciple bragging “suspected but didn’t let on.” And looking back even…..I’m sure we still dont grasp even a punch if the potency, the depth. So much in that one pivotal moment!!!

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