Each word I spoke undid our




until a gaping hole loomed between us.

I could still see beyond

but as the days wore on

the frayed edges waved­­­

and wisped in my hot wind

until all I could catch

was a glimpse

of the man with whom

I had once been one.

We stayed,

just like every time                                                                                                                      

the thunder clapped

and the lightning struck.

We stayed,

just like every time

the ground shook

and our feet were tossed.

We stayed,

with hands stretched out                                                                                             

over the gap between us,

eyes strained towards the heart behind

the flaming eyes in front,

lips quivered from blows they dealt

and shock was felt at the pain

where once lay tender kisses.


But the rend that kept



                                                                                            our fabric

    was no match for the vows

    hidden in our hearts

    before the altar of a God

    who sees past tears and frays.

Hands met timidly to survey the tears

But the tears fallen could not be forgotten with hasty repair.

So the broken seam was laid out in ceremony,

and the thread was strung to the rhythm of  prayer,

and the stitches were formed painstakingly, painfully,







Sarah Elizabeth is a wife to Jake, mother of two children under two, and a storyteller at heart. Outside the home she works contract as a medical Speech-Language Pathologist and volunteers with Student Ministries at her church, discipling a small group of girls from sixth grade through high school. She is passionate about uncovering beautiful stories in seemingly mundane moments. Some of her life-long goals include getting an MFA, running a marathon, writing a book, and seeing her children know Jesus. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @sebstuff.


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  1. Beautiful writing. Few words are needed here to describe the needle and thread we (and God) use to stitch up our wounds.

  2. Absolutely love this! What a beautiful piece of writing. I’m trying to think of my favorite part, but I can’t! I love every line. 🙂

  3. Beautiful, beautiful piece, Sarah Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing it with all of us!!! You are a talented writer!!!! Love how the Lord has gifted you in this way. Hugs!

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