My mother said, “He was a pew marker.”
Colorful, broad-jacketed shoulders marked the spot,
twelve rows back, a Sunday regular, always early,
always eager, waiting for the word of God.
“In the beginning was the word.”
God’s word, his marker.
Informing life, expanding vision,
building dreams, enabling mighty laughter.
A laugh ringing out,
From Tubac, on horseback
From Michigan, above the garden spade,
From golf courses and Sanibel beaches,
veterans’ homes, fundraisers and family dinner tables.
The silencing of his laugh, we hear the most.
Saying good-bye to this kingdom builder is not easy.
Be it in concrete or adobe,
he formed so much good in us,
he built our vision,
he helped us see the land,
here and beyond.
Even when one more mile in the car,
seeing one more property, seemed unthinkable.
But kingdom dreams remain,
Ideas unfinished,
in all of us.
By the grace of God,
He gives us “pew markers,”
and so like the Lord,
they indelibly etch our hearts.

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