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We envision a vibrant and diverse movement of Christian women who create in community and who influence culture and faith.

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Holy Hydrangeas

Holy Hydrangeas

This summer, I will snatch those hydrangea blooms before they’re spent, pluck them at their peak, and set them on my table in a pitcher, just like they do on Pinterest, Instagram, and HGTV. Clippers in hand, I don’t step outside looking to be spellbound, but is it...

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Amusement Ride

Our hearts are restless, looking for connection in the most casual of places: a People magazine in the grocery store line or the trailer of an upcoming movie. In this entertainment saturated culture of ours, we spend hundreds of hours and dollars seeking diversion and...

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No! This Doesn’t Fit My Plan!

I’m a bit of a planner. In fact, I’m such a planner I began sketching out an imaginary empty nest life before my first newborn son had ever slept through the night. Before our firstborn had begun eating solid foods, I looked forward to holding his child. Maybe it was...

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Resting After Releasing

Our family calendar is peculiar these days, marked by the sort of events that blur the present and practically obliterate the future. Right now we are necessarily all about plans and anticipation that will result in an empty nest, and we therefore can’t really...

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Menopause: A Pause with a View

Messy, bloody, and inconvenient. From seventh grade beginnings to 52-year-old endings. That 40-year journey was often so ... earthy. Yet, there was potential in each month. My body was ready, willing, and able to partner with God to create life! Menstruating was a...

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If the Nest Never Empties

What’s that old saying? Man makes his plans and God laughs? My husband, David, and I had talked about dreams we had for our empty-nest years: Taking our tandem bike to several exotic destinations. Opening a unique bed-brunch-and-bikes place (since I’m not a morning...

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Doing One Thing That Scares Me

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Mary Schmich, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune (June 1, 1997) wrote that advice to newly graduated students. Even though I graduated decades ago, something about that quotation stuck in my heart. I ruminated on it for days....

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Redbud Writers Guild is an international community of Christian women who envision a vibrant and diverse movement of women who create in community and who influence culture and faith. Redbud members strive to change the world with words as we foster a safe sisterhood of creatives who thrive in a non-competitive, supportive community.

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We envision a vibrant and diverse movement of Christian women who create in community and who influence culture and faith.


Redbud nurtures a community of Christian women who create rather than merely consume. We are a diverse group of authors, writers and speakers who communicate in order to empower women to use their voices to be world-changers. We are committed to supporting all Redbud members. We create and maintain community by meeting regularly, connecting through social media outlets, and networking through our various channels of influence.

Fearlessly expanding the feminine voice in our communities, faith, and culture.

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