Dear Reader,

It was just three years ago that I started writing for a Christian meditation app called Abide. I hadn’t really thought about meditation too much prior to that. I didn’t have anything against it. I know that the Bible talks a lot about meditating on God’s Word and how important that is. But I really hadn’t been taught much about Christian meditation before.

But when I started writing, and then editing, scripts for the app, I began to understand the importance of not only meditating on God’s Word, but taking deliberate time to breathe, rest, and take care of myself; body, mind, and soul.

That’s what living a life of wholeness is all about. It doesn’t mean being without cracks, or even missing pieces. It doesn’t mean being perfect. It means being present with God throughout your day. It means knowing that going for a run can be a spiritual experience. Cooking a meal can bring you closer to God. Making space in your home to feel at peace can actually improve your physical health.

This month our Redbud writers examine the issue of Living a Life of Wholeness. It can mean very different things to people, but the main idea is that life isn’t siloed into things you do for your body, things you do for your mind, and things you do for your soul. It’s all one big gathering place where you can find God—and you can let him find you.

So take the time to read through each of this month’s offerings. Sit with them. Contemplate the words. And let us know your thoughts.

And as we say at the end of all of our Abide meditations: Until next time, may you abide in Christ.

Stephanie Reeves
Senior Editor

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