The one who rules in heaven laughs; my Lord makes fun of them.
Psalms 2:4 CEB

As much as I celebrate how grand, merciful, glorious, forgiving, magnificent and kind our God is, I love the fact that God laughs.

It’s good for me to know that God laughs. It’s good for me to know that God looks on his creation and finds it funny. Why would God laugh at us? Does he laugh at our jokes, our crazy gestures or with joy at our “AHA!” moments when we finally get what he’s has been trying to show and tell us all along?  I wonder and I smile because regardless of the reason the Almighty chooses to laugh, I’m so glad he does. Knowing that God laughs, regardless of why, brings me comfort.

As I look at dark and depressing stories on the evening news, scroll through the judgmental posts on Facebook,  shake my head at the insulting memes on Instagram, I have no doubt that we all need to lighten up, have some fun and laugh. This darkness can drive any of us crazy with worry and anxiety. Dwelling on such bleak circumstances is not good for any of us.  We need the light of God’s laughter to give us a hopeful perspective and resilient encouragement that one day everything will be alright.

I love to laugh. I laugh at jokes. I laugh at crazy gestures. I laugh at my own “AHA!” moments when I finally get the revelation of God’s message to me. Actually, I laugh and shake my head at myself when I realize, “Oh! That’s what the LORD was trying to tell me all along!” I laugh at myself. I laugh to myself. I laugh within myself. I laugh for myself.

When I laugh, I laugh from my belly and a huge smile comes across my face—and in the company of others, my laugh makes others laugh even if they have no clue why I’m laughing. Laughing is good for me. Laughing is good for you. Laughing is good for all of us together. Besides, the Creator of the universe is laughing, so why shouldn’t we laugh?

Psalm 2:4a says that “The one who rules in heaven laughs…” God laughs. Now, I  knew that God smiled but to learn that our God laughs is cause for rejoicing! I’m glad that God expresses the joy in His heart through laughter. Furthermore, I have no doubt that when Jesus walked this earth, he laughed as well. Can you imagine the jokes the disciples might have told in his company? Or the pranks the LORD might have played to lighten certain moods? The Gospels even include, in Luke especially, some of these glorious and redemptive moments of human vulnerability. Additionally, I can almost guarantee you that the Holy Spirit that lives and moves inside of us will tickle us to make us laugh just when we need it, as we wait for the Lord’s return and the moment when our laughter will have no end.

In the context of Psalm 2, the psalmist opens with questions of critique to those who are enemies of the Lord God. He remarks that the earth’s rulers are plotting against the Lord and against the one the Lord has anointed. They are shouting threats and attempting to incite a fight with the Lord and those who fight in the name of the Lord. Then, in the middle of the discourse, the psalmist declares first, that God is laughing, and secondly, the psalmist says “my Lord makes fun of them.” Now before you try to come to the Lord’s defense because you cannot believe your God would ever do anything like that, calm down and recall that the Lord’s ways and thoughts are quantum leaps beyond our ways and thoughts.  So, when the Lord makes fun of anyone, particularly his enemies, we must accept that our understanding of the fun the Lord makes is more than likely not the low level petty to which we are accustomed.

I’m suggesting that when the Lord makes fun of his enemies, he’s actually making space for his favor to rest upon those who trust him to be their strength and shield. In this Psalm, the psalmist continues to say that God speaks and his enemies are terrified. God announces his relationship with the psalmist and promises that he will possess nations and that his property will extend to the four corners of the earth. The Lord confirms the defeat of the psalmist’s enemies, demands reverential service and reminds that “all who take refuge in the Lord are truly happy!” (Psalm 2:12)

Therefore, when God laughs in Psalm 2, it’s because God is truly happy to bless the psalmist in spite of his enemies and this blessing creates the opportunity for his enemies to see the Lord’s might and how he favors the psalmist. This is God’s kind of fun. This makes God laugh. This brings God great joy!

So, if anyone tells you that you should abstain from laughter when something is funny, you should tell them that you read in the Bible that God laughs, and because you have a heart for God, you are laughing, too! Or just give them a good “God bless your heart” and LAUGH OUT LOUD anyway!!!

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