Darkness, and then eyes open
Inhale deep
Eyes close, exhale
Inspiration – a curious thing –
Prolonging life;
Creating space and time for what will happen
Before, between, and after each breath.

Wondrous imagination,
Before the day even begins
Breathe in – Breathe out
Seeing the dew drops on the grass
The dusky purples and oranges of the sunset
Eyes still closed within a darkened room.
Endless possibilities swim before the mind’s eye
And even knowing the decisions to be made
The wonder of what will be is present
Asking questions, making predictions, looking to engage.
Creating something from nothing
Empty and then full
Words on a page.

Breathe in, salt air
Warm sand and cool feet,
Morning fog pressing in,
Waves crashing dully against the strand
While sea birds call
And the spray of sea air on cheeks.

Breathe out, eyes close
Stirring the smoke with that breath.
The pine smell pungent above the dust and ash,
The crackle of fire and song of crickets,
While stars speckle the darkened sky.

In the beginning, there was the Word,
And nothing

Then, Inspiration – a curious thing
Light and Dark, Leaf and stem,
Sounds and Sky, Breath and Life,
There was everything,
And it was good.
A garden growing into a city
Lives with so much possibility, so much wonder,
So much imagination.
Created to be creative, to make worlds within worlds
Before, between, and after each
Breathe in
Breathe out.

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