An Original 

The lotion bottle was sitting nearly empty among the crayons, paint, and other supplies. I had slipped into the supply room to grab some markers and paper for my prayer time on the retreat I was attending. At first glance, it went unnoticed. Then I looked more closely and discovered the cherry almond ...
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Silence Without a Desert

Silence does not get much respect these days. We fill every moment with something and then we crave more hours in a day so we can fill those up too. The quiet moments that so many of us long for (in the car or working out if there’s time) are often made more productive or enjoyable with podcasts, ...
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Selfish Motivation

Robert Greenleaf, in his book, Servant Leadership, tells of twelve ministers and twelve psychiatrists of all faiths who convened for a two-day off-the-record seminar on the word, healing. They asked these questions, “We are all healers, whether we are ministers or doctors. Why are we ...
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Grace-Filled Easter

Easter is a grace-filled celebration for us but what happens when it’s over? I think we Christians can easily be tempted to experience holiday remorse after Easter. We tend to forget that God’s sacrificial love for us doesn’t have to fade. It’s eternal. We’re Easter people all year long ...
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Let’s Keep Dancing

Let them praise God’s name with dance; let them sing God’s praise with the drum and lyre! –Psalm 149:3 (CEB)

The Psalms are some of my favorite scriptures for reflection. They comfort, encourage, and inspire. I believe God designed us to worship him in many ...
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The Nudge

Ever get the nudge to do something or say something?

You have felt it. Maybe it’s the nudge to grab your umbrella as you walk out the door even though there is not a cloud in the sky. You tell yourself it’s silly to tote an umbrella all day long when the sun is shining. But, within ...
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