Going Home {Stories of Redemption}

When I was young my grandma called it, “going home.” We would pile books and our pillows into the backseat and watch cities and farms go by on our nine hour drive from Georgia to the small-town in Indiana where my grandparents grew up. I visited cousins and went from...

Walking with “The” Jesus Alone

Though I have spent over three months in India, all told, my grasp of Hindi doesn’t extend past a few memorized phrases and songs. I have never sat down and really studied the beautiful language for myself. One thing I do know is that Hindi doesn’t have a definite...

Obedience in the Face of Great Fear

Obedience in the Face of Great Fear

I have done some things in my life that most people would find daring. That trip to Yemen when our car was turned around and sent back south because of Al Qaeda activity up north - that seems pretty bold. Passing by those jeeps with guns strapped on the backs of them...

Nicole T. Walters
Nicole T. Walters is a writer who lives somewhere in the tension between wanderlust and rootedness. She makes her home in Georgia with her husband and two children but has lived and left parts of her heart in the Middle East and South Asia. She holds a degree in Religion from the University of Georgia and a Masters in Practical Theology from Winebrenner Theological Seminary. She is researching spirituality in the Episcopal church as she pursues her Doctor of Ministry. She writes to help people create space to listen to God, learn from others, and lead lives that love at NicoleTWalters.com. She has authored essays in several books including Redbud's own Everbloom and her writing has appeared in places like CT Women, Fathom, Red Letter Christians, SheLoves Magazine, (in)courage, and The Mudroom. You can follow Nicole on Twitter and Facebook..

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