31 Ways to Live from the Solid Place

31 Ways to Live from the Solid Place

I wish I were that gal who regularly rose before the roosters to spend hours in Scripture and prayer. And when I wrestle with the fact that I don’t seem to be her, I vacillate between making weak excuses for why I don’t just get my poop in a group and feeling shame...

A Rose By Any Other Name Is Harder to Google

This post is for our Redbud readers who write.  Read on & comment below… With big plans to make my mark in the world as a writer, I naturally wanted my adoring fans to be able to Google me with ease.  Suddenly the name I’d been perfectly happy with for eleven...

Margot Starbuck
Margot Starbuck, speaker and award-winning author, is passionate about communicating to individuals that they have been made for life that really is life. A graduate of Westmont College and Princeton Seminary, Margot is the author of The Girl in the Orange Dress, Unsqueezed and Small Things With Great Love. In Durham, North Carolina, Margot lives with her husband and three children, by birth and adoption. She serves as a volunteer among friends with and without disabilities through Reality Ministries. Convinced that God is with us and for us, in the person of Jesus, Margot inspires audiences to live love in the world. Learn more about Margot’s literary consulting at wordmelon.com, or connect at MargotStarbuck.com or on facebook.

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