The Paper Route

I believe girls can do almost anything boys can do. They might just do it differently.

The news agency holds a prominent spot in our village’s downtown area on the south side of the railroad tracks, directly across the ...
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The Secret to Fewer Regrets

Parenting requires so many decisions, it can sometimes become mind-numbing. How to respond to discipline issues, what to do about kids’ friendship struggles, which sports to encourage them toward and what other activities to enroll them in. We have so much information and so many opportunities at ...
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Create your Writing Bucket List!

What dreams do you have for your writing life? To publish a book? Become a best-selling author (with your dream book)? To change the world?

Writers are dreamers. Whether we write fiction or not, we live in a world of imagination. We imagine our readers and how our words will entertain them, ...
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The Importance of Finishing

As of this moment I have dozens of drafts saved on my hard drive. Drafts of articles, drafts of essays, drafts of book chapters, even the draft of a novel. Hopefully this sounds familiar. It’s the life of a writer, right? We draft and revise, draft and revise, and revise some more, and then ...
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