My Best Yes

This story is bittersweet because it describes the last meal I shared with my dad. I didn’t know it would be the last time I saw him, and I nearly declined his impromptu invitation.

I’m grateful for God’s love and kindness for allowing me to share a final sweet summer’s night with my ...
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5 Things Parenting Taught Me About God

Becoming a mom hasn’t been what I expected. Sure, I knew there would be sleepless nights, blowouts and crying. There would be oodles of snuggles, kisses and laughter (non of which I will ever get enough of), but I have been overwhelmed at what parenting has taught me about God, my Father.

Here ...
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The art in our hearts is a beacon proclaiming to the world the wonder and splendor of our Creator. -Julie Holly

The Art in Your Heart

Voices from a warrior and storyteller fill the single hall of our home, blessings from our young son soaking in the warm tub. His sister palms a retired early 2000’s flip phone carrying on an imaginary conversation with Grandma. Their voices carry, a lingering aroma of creativity filling the space ...
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