Eight Dangers of a Writer’s Life

When I recently transitioned from pastoring to writing, the learning curve was much steeper than I anticipated. I foolishly assumed that since I had been crafting sermons and talks on a weekly basis, I would be able to seamlessly redirect my creativity. I been warned...

Dorothy Greco
Dorothy Littell Greco writes about marriage and family, leadership, race, aging, and theology. She is the author of two books: Making Marriage Beautiful (David C Cook, Jan 2017) and Marriage in the Middle (IVP, winter 2020). She also works as a professional photographer. When she's not at her computer or behind her camera, Dorothy loves to kayak with her husband, bake paleo desserts, and go for long walks on the beach. You can find more of her work on her website or by following her on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. She is also a member of The Pelican Project. Twitter @dorothygreco FB: Words&Images by Dorothy Greco Website: dorothygreco.com

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