My father-in-law died this week, a little more than a year since my mother-in-law passed.  The year without his beloved Rose Marie was torture for him.  He spoke of her often and of his desire to be united with her.

He left peacefully on a Tuesday evening, surrounded by his children.  My ...
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Lullabies and Groaning

The hospital is a crazy place of beginnings and endings. This one has a tradition of playing Lullaby over the public announcement system every time a new baby is born. The tune is in sharp contrast to the groans and grimaces of my father-in-law. Nearly a year to the day that my mother-in-law passed ...
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Enjoying Growing Older

I was raised in the 1960s during a time of great civil unrest. We were taught to not trust anyone over 30.

That works great when you are 19, 20, 21 … but when you approach 31, 40, 50 …. You need a new belief system!

Growing older is a party to be enjoyed. Here’s why:

  1. You ...
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Battling with My Brain

My brain and I have a special relationship. Of course we’ve been together a long time so we have grown close. We know each other well.

My brain and I are in a constant state of arguing. We fight over every decision that needs making. Trying to decide what to have for dinner can end in an ...
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