Hunger Always Wins: Feed Me

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had issues with food.

I used food as a means of controlling something when I wasn’t in control of anything. By taking authority over what I put in my mouth (or didn’t) I disassociated myself from that which I could not control – my mother’s illness, ...
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Not Called to be Timid

We were raised to be timid, most of us. In the tiny white churches speckling the countryside, we were taught to be cautious, to be courteous, to be kind and good and avoid even the appearance of evil. Being a good Christian looked like wearing clean, pressed clothes to Sunday School, like going to ...
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5 Things Parenting Taught Me About God

Becoming a mom hasn’t been what I expected. Sure, I knew there would be sleepless nights, blowouts and crying. There would be oodles of snuggles, kisses and laughter (non of which I will ever get enough of), but I have been overwhelmed at what parenting has taught me about God, my Father.

Here ...
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