whispered the autumn leaf
born of spring’s budding hope
commissioned for summer’s verdancy
yet most glorious in decline

urged the autumn leaf
As he,
in trust and gratitude
released his hold once, and for all
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It is time to draw near again
To come home to You, to what is deep within me, and to those who gather around me
To watch and to wait; to be open, to surrender, to accept
To seek out peace, quietness, meditation, and prayer.

For I will be encompassed, consumed
As joy ...
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My heart is full tonight.

It is a hot, humid evening after a hot, humid day. My house looks as thought it has been hit by a major storm and I realize in a very deep part of myself that there is truly no use trying to clean up for years to come; to put away the the books pulled from the shelves, ...
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